How Instagram May Help Churches Boost Attendance


How Instagram May Help Churches Boost Attendance

When it comes to church size, many leaders fall between two ends of the spectrum. Some people believe that having truly dedicated disciples is essential. At the other end of the spectrum are those who believe we need to reach as large a population as possible.

Of course, they are positioned between the two mentioned concepts. Of course, the number of weekly attendees is an indication of the well-being of the church and the active atmosphere of the church community, but this is not always the case. There are healthy churches regardless of size. Increasing the number of church visitors through Instagram

People stop coming to church for many reasons. Some people were shocked by the fearful church officials. Others do not really believe in them or are not devoted to any image of God.

Others may want to go to church but are worried they will be rejected. If you've come across this page, you're probably interested in some practical church extension ideas to help increase attendance at your church.


Here's a simple guide to using Instagram to reach more potential members in your area without focusing too much on numbers and numbers!

How Instagram May Help Churches Boost Attendance

1.  Make a Good First Impression

Instagram should be considered a digital gateway to religious institutions, not just for community members, but for anyone looking for a religious home. 

These days, when people move to a new place and start looking for a church, they usually turn to social media to get an idea of ​​the options available. By the way, Instagram pages often serve as the first sight of a place of worship.

In fact, it can be an important consideration for people when deciding whether or not to participate. Now is the time to ask what impression your message is making. Because messages are necessary to make your church feel warm and welcoming.


2. Strengthen Church Culture

The influence of Instagram is no surprise. It's something that everyone around you checks on a regular basis. Because of this, as church leaders, we have the opportunity to make a difference by providing valuable, life-changing content on this platform using media such as church posters and HD photos.

Instagram is a really great platform to bring the church's iconic images and core ideals into people's lives in their daily interactions.

For example, you can start by reinforcing your community's core beliefs and values ​​by providing behind-the-scenes photos to help people connect with your community on a more intimate level.

As Madison's award-winning Old Church Choir, MCP continues to raise the bar for performance and expand its goals toward local, state, and ultimately national recognition.


3. Post Educational Content

Educational content dominates Instagram as it serves as an immersion platform for people to acquire new skills and learn about their interests.

In fact, not only do they find ways to connect with their peers, but they also develop valuable skills that will serve them well in the future.

As a church, why not publish educational content to benefit those around you? For example, you can develop weekly summary videos that document key points from your lessons so that your audience can easily go back and look back on the gems of knowledge you've shared.


4. Tell us a Transformation Story

Most church Instagram accounts are filled with daily and weekly announcements rather than stories from church members. This is definitely a big mistake! We need to post more stories on our social media pages. And it can't just be stories. Because we need them to be transformative stories!

Instead of a very simple presentation, consider sharing the inspiring journey of a member who has experienced significant change through what is happening in your church. Whether you're doing community service or workshops, try to find new perspectives and tell a compelling story about them.


Last Word

How do you grow your church and advance your mission in an era of declining church attendance? It is natural for church leaders to be concerned about attendance. Because participation is a way to measure how effectively your institution is teaching, or at least relevant to the surrounding community. 

Instagram is a medium where you can create real change while truly serving those around you. It's not just about rallying supporters and letting people know what's going on. Because we've become a visual society, this platform is a great way to tell your church's story beyond the typical written message.


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