IOSH Working Safely Course


IOSH Working Safely Course


The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has developed the one-day IOSH Safe Work course for people at all levels and in all sectors who need to understand the basics of health and safety. 

The training covers all the basics of health and safety as well as environmental issues. This evaluation is included in the daily practice and is introduced by its own test -zis, and IOSH will present a successful delegate and post about the work.  

Learn about the Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Workplace Safety



After successful completion of this candidate at the IOSH course:

• Why do you sometimes understand safety and understand why it works?

• Determining the importance of risk definition and threats and risk assessment

• Help Risk Assessment

• Improve the importance of health and safety management systems

• Understanding of security signals and signals

• About accidents and events

• Improve environmental management and how to reduce individual pollution and waste imitation


This IOSH qualification covers the following topics:

• Defining hazard and risk

• Identifying common hazards

• Improving safety performance

• Introducing working safely

• Protecting our environment



Representatives are evaluated as a written and real evaluation. Successful applicants will receive a Safe Work Certificate sent directly to the participant by IOSH.


Who Should Attend?

 This IOSH training is designed for employees who have had little or no health and safety training and want to improve best practice in the workplace.


Recommended progress

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