11 High-Paying Jobs for Business Majors



11 High-Paying Jobs for Business Majors

Best Jobs in Finance

Interested in a career in finance but not sure which job is best for you or how to start preparing? We're here to help!

Earning a business degree teaches you a variety of skills that can be applied to many industries. Almost every company needs professionals to run their business at the highest level. By learning more about sales jobs in each industry, you can search for jobs more accurately. 

In this article, we'll highlight 11 jobs that typically require a business degree and list companies that regularly hire for these jobs. 

He has two degrees in general business. A Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor's degree that typically lasts four years. After completing your BBA, you can pursue a Master of Business Administration or MBA. Typically, an MBA program can be completed in two to three years. There are many jobs available regardless of your degree.


Here are High-Paying Jobs for Business Majors

1. Business Development Manager - National Average Salary: $72,048 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Business Development Managers help businesses grow by finding potential customers, identifying market trends, and developing financial strategies. They collaborate with internal teams and customers to ensure customer satisfaction. 

By staying focused on your industry and deeply understanding your products and services, you can contribute to your business' financial growth and success. Business development managers can find positions in almost any industry.

Requirements: Business development managers typically require at least a bachelor's degree and relevant experience.


2. Human resources specialist - National Average Salary: $52,723 per year

Key Responsibilities: Human Resources Specialists perform key employee functions. They recruit, screen, and interview potential candidates. Common responsibilities include supporting employee benefits, coordinating communication between team members and managers, and assisting with salary negotiations. 

Human resources professionals typically address employee concerns related to their role and company. To run your business safely and efficiently, you need a clear understanding of your company's policies and guidelines.

In addition to company policies, HR professionals must adhere to government regulations regarding workplace safety, maximum working hours, and more. Most large companies across various industries employ human resources professionals.

Requirements: Human resources professionals typically have a bachelor's degree, although many companies require a master's degree.


3. Product Manager - National Average Salary: $102,100 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Product Managers work with project teams to ensure the success of services and products. Test your product's functionality to determine if it can be improved for your customers. Product Managers must have a deep understanding of the market for their products in order to create satisfactory services. 

A key part of a product manager's job is communicating with the team so they know how the project is progressing and can make adjustments as needed. Technology companies employ large numbers of product managers, even though most industries employ product managers.

Requirements: Many companies require a bachelor's degree and related experience.


4. Accountant - National Average Salary: $58,508 Per Year

Main Responsibilities: Accountants support the financial operations of companies. They review and analyze financial records and data to ensure accuracy. In addition to analyzing financial data, we create business budget reports to create business plans for managers and executives. It also has accounts payable and accounts receivable management capabilities. 

Many professionals who follow this career path decide to become a certified public accountant to expand their work horizons. Accountants can find work in almost any industry. 

Requirements: Accountants must have at least a bachelor's degree.


5. Investment Banker - National Average Salary: $60,489 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Investment bankers help individuals or companies manage their financial portfolios. To reduce business expenses, investment bankers can help companies raise capital or identify areas where they are spending too much. 

Investment bankers must be able to identify market trends in order to make informed investments for their clients. In most cases, they issue bonds and purchase stock as needed. Many financial companies employ investment bankers, but they may also provide independent advice.

Requirements: An investment banker must have at least a bachelor's degree, but many companies require her to have an MBA.


6. Controller - National Average Salary: $101,757 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Controllers oversee all accounting operations for their organizations. They supervise accounting divisions to guarantee seamless financial operations. Controllers oversee accounting staff members frequently, supervising their work, providing direction, and allocating tasks as needed. 

To succeed, controllers need to be well-versed in both the financials of their organization and tax legislation. Any industry's majority of large businesses require controllers.

Requirements: An MBA is often required for controllers, while some companies will accept a bachelor's degree with significant accounting experience.

7. Loan Officer - National Average Salary: $63,380 Per Year

Primary Responsibilities: Loan officers decide whether financial institutions should extend credit to individuals or businesses. They review applications, evaluate financial data and verify information. The loan officer's overall responsibility is to guide applicants through the loan process so that they understand all the rules and regulations. 

Loan officers typically work in a specific lending area, such as commercial or residential. Most banks and loan companies employ loan officers.

Requirements: Most financial institutions require a bachelor's degree. Mortgage loan officers are required to obtain a mortgage originator license.


8. Financial Advisor - National Average Salary: $78,987 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Financial advisors or financial planners help people plan their finances. They evaluate salaries and assets to develop long-term strategies to meet client needs. Many financial advisors help their clients grow their wealth by researching market trends and making smart investments. 

Other responsibilities may include estate planning, debt management, tax budgeting, and more. Investment companies and advisory firms hire financial advisors.

Requirements: Most financial advisors require a bachelor's degree.


9. Business analyst - National Average Salary: $79,884 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Business Analysts utilize their valuation skills to provide a variety of services across many industries. They leverage data to analyze business opportunities and make recommendations to improve company processes. Most business analysts work in teams to develop IT solutions for companies and clients. 

One of the most important roles of a business analyst is to communicate with all stakeholders within a project to ensure the successful completion of the project or plan. The healthcare and information technology industries often employ business analysts.

Requirements: Business analysts typically require a bachelor's degree.


10. Actuary - National Average Salary: $116,980 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Actuaries help businesses assess and analyze their financial risks. Analyzing data and statistics and evaluating potential opportunities requires a variety of mathematical skills. Other responsibilities include recommending policies to minimize potential risks, using techniques to better understand uncertain financial areas of a company, and creating forecasts based on numerical data. may occur. Many insurance companies employ actuaries, but the company you work for may vary.

Requirements: To become an actuary, you must earn a bachelor's degree. Actuaries also must pass a series of certification exams that typically take four to five years.


11. Research Analyst - National Average Salary: $61,958 Per Year

Key Responsibilities: Research Analysts use data analysis to create reports for financial use. They research specific markets to identify trends and develop strategies to improve product profitability. Many research analysts work with marketing teams to monitor sales practices. A variety of industries and companies need research analysts.

Requirements: Research analysts typically require a bachelor's degree for entry-level positions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Average Annual Salary for Business School Graduates?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for business graduates is $65,000. As part of a business degree, students can choose to specialize in a particular area of ​​study, such as marketing, accounting, finance, or management. They can earn higher salaries depending on their chosen specialty and the job opportunities it can offer.


What Jobs are Most Sought After by People with a Business Background?

According to the BLS, financial managers have the highest employment prospects, with demand for this position expected to increase by 17% by 2031. As the economy grows, so will the demand for financial managers who plan, coordinate, and manage investments. As globalization increases, many companies will need financial managers to better manage cash flow.


How do Business Majors Find Jobs?

Many business programs offer students the opportunity to participate in networking events and career fairs while earning their degree. Attending these events will help you apply to a wider range of jobs and help you find your ideal position after graduation. 

While you are earning your degree, consider visiting the companies you want to work for and asking about open positions. Understanding the requirements will help you better prepare for the application process.

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