How to Choose the Best Location for a Bakery

How to Choose the Best Location for a Bakery

How to Choose the Best Location for a Bakery: Do you want to open a bakery and want to know where to put it? If yes, here are 10 factors that will help you choose the best location for your bakery. It is known that one of the factors that makes a bakery profitable is the location of the business. 

As a baker, you can make the most delicious baked goods and sell them at the most affordable prices on the market, but if people aren't looking at your bakery or groceries, you can't make the best of it for your area. It might be better to cook.

For this reason, bakers looking to open a bakery typically spend time finding the best location based on their portfolio requirements. If you're preparing to open a storefront bakery, finding your business in the right location may be the most important thing you do when starting your business. 

Of course, you need a successful product, but how can you get to know your product if you don't let it walk through your door? We can help you determine the factors that will help you find the ideal location for your bakery. Learn about How to Open a Bakery Business: The Step-by-Step Beginners' Guide


10 Factors to Help you Choose the Best Location for your Bakery

1. Area Accessibility

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bakery is low prices. If your business makes frequent deliveries, you may need to look for locations with local transportation, especially major roads and highways.

Rental and purchase prices for real estate are often higher in densely populated and commercialized areas. Therefore, finding a more remote place to live certainly has economic benefits, as long as daily business activities are not hampered by poor transportation links.

Similarly, if you're expecting a large number of customers, it's important to make sure your location is accessible by car, bus, or even train. Don't forget about your employees. Location is often the deciding factor in attracting the right talent to your company. This is especially true if you have multiple position offers and need to weigh the pros and cons of each.


2. Crime Rate

If you live in a neighborhood where people are always looking over your shoulder, no one will want to buy from you. Again, placing your bakery in a location where it can easily be robbed will be a huge loss for your bakery.

This can increase your insurance premiums and also increase costs as additional security measures are required to keep your facility safe.

Therefore, knowing the likelihood of crime occurring in the area you are considering is an important part of the decision-making process.


3. Competition

Distance from other competing businesses can be the difference between success and failure. If you are located near similar or related businesses, you can benefit from more buyers who may become your first customers. 

However, you must remember that intense competition can suffocate your business and lead to going out of business. If there is too much competition, it could be a red flag to visit another location. If elements of your service are unique or feature new innovations, choosing an area where a mature market already exists can attract customers very quickly and attract new customers in a relatively short period of time. It can be an ideal way to establish your presence in the field.


4. Pedestrian Traffic

For many businesses, especially bakeries, foot traffic is extremely important. No one wants to be in the corner where potential customers walk past. On the other hand, if your bakery business requires privacy, you should choose a location with less foot traffic.

It tracks traffic outside a specific location at different times of the day and week to find the perfect spot. This is a great way to ensure your traffic meets your needs. To find out the population of a particular area, conduct a regional survey. However, it can cost up to $25,000. Most first-time bakery buyers don't have enough budget for a professional inspection.


5. Employable Labor

Skills are very important in the baking industry because you will need at least a little help to be useful in this industry. If you rely on skilled labor, your best bet is to go somewhere with a healthy talent pool. Employees are often a company's greatest asset. If you choose a location that does not have the right talent, your business may begin to decline.


6. Growth Potential

Another thing to consider when choosing a location for your baking business is whether the location can accommodate business growth and increased demand. Moving is a big hassle that takes time and money.

You will need to decide whether the accommodation you have chosen is short-term or if you would like to stay longer. Therefore, location flexibility can be a critical factor in adapting your facility to your business needs.


7. Basic Demographics of the Region

When looking for a suitable location for your baking business, the demographics of your chosen location are also something to consider. If you open a bakery in an area where people are transitioning primarily to organic foods, it may be difficult to make a profit. Next, you need to consider your community. 

Is your customer base local? What percentage of that customer base supports your business or matches your customer profile? Be careful when choosing a community that relies heavily on a particular industry, as an economic downturn could negatively impact your business.


8. Business Rate

Cash flow is essential because it determines a business's viable ability to survive and pay its bills. That's why it's important to find out the average business rates for rent, utilities, taxes, etc. in the area to see if you can secure space. 

Before choosing a location, you need to identify simple hidden costs such as paying a security deposit or parking fees. Estimating the cost of living in a location can help you avoid spending more than your means.


9. Parking Access

Consider the accessibility of the place for each person coming there. If located on a busy street, is it easy to get into and out of the parking lot? Facilities must be accessible to people with disabilities. What supplies are you likely to receive and will your supplier have easy access to your facility?


10. Style of Operation

Is your business formal or elegant? Your location should match a certain image and style. If you run a retail business, do you need a brick-and-mortar store or an online store? This will help you decide which location is best for your bakery.

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