Safety First: 8 Phoenix Cybersecurity Companies to Know


Safety First: 8 Phoenix Cybersecurity Companies to Know

Safety First: 8 Phoenix Cybersecurity Companies to Know: Phoenix's tech scene, also known as the "Silicon Desert," has seen a significant increase in coverage and employment in recent years, moving it up in technology rankings alongside other big-name companies.

Despite Phoenix's booming business, it still offers a low cost of living, beautiful scenery, and many other features. In Phoenix, cybersecurity companies are playing a key role in continuing the city's technology boom. 

Arizona's major industries include finance, government, hospitality, and other sectors that handle large amounts of customers' sensitive personal information. Any company, regardless of industry, would benefit from hiring a cybersecurity company to protect their assets and data in a rapidly changing digital world.

In addition to anticipating and mitigating external threats, outsourced cybersecurity teams can also help businesses in highly regulated industries maintain ongoing compliance. If you want to understand what makes Phoenix's tech scene tick, these eight cybersecurity companies are a great place to start. Learn about Top Companies in Phoenix to Watch

Here are Phoenix Cybersecurity Companies You Should Know About

• Bishop Fox

• CellTrust Corporation

• Trapp Technology

• Alagen

• Transmosis

• Securosis

• ClearDATA

• Early Warning


Bishop Fox

Founded: 2005

Location: Southeast Phoenix

What we do: Bishop Fox works with Fortune 100 companies and other large enterprises to develop security frameworks and conduct security testing to maintain optimal security for their physical and digital assets. The company's comprehensive suite of services provides customers with continuous attack surface testing, penetration testing, social engineering, and a variety of other cybersecurity solutions. Headquartered just south of downtown Phoenix, Bishop Fox maintains a global presence with offices in Georgia, California, New York and Spain.



Founded: 2011

Location: Scottsdale

What we do: ClearDATA specifically serves the healthcare industry, recognizing that customer organizations handle large amounts of sensitive patient information and require higher levels of security than other industries. ClearDATA provides customers with a cloud storage platform that provides access to multiple platforms without compromising security. The company's compliance solutions ensure that facilities are HIPAA compliant at all times, and its services not only help streamline internal IT operations, but also help organizations deliver better outcomes for their patients.


Early Warning

Founded: 1990

Address: Greater Phoenix Metro Area

What we do: The Early Warning team works with financial market companies to customize authentication and security solutions to protect payments, internal affairs, and customer data. Our customer base of more than 2,500 businesses spans the globe, and our network enables institutions around the world to process payments securely and in real-time. The company's flagship product is Zelle, the first real-time payments software that makes fund transfers and verifications faster and more efficient.


Celltrust Corporation

Founded: 2006

Location: Greater Phoenix Metro Area

What we do: CellTrust helps financial, healthcare, and government organizations achieve strict compliance with mobile communications regulations, and provides services such as eDiscovery and message archiving to help businesses better prioritize conversations. It offers. CellTrust helps global enterprises prevent data breaches with a comprehensive software platform that provides visibility into voice calls, text messages, broadcast messages, chat archives, and office phone calls.


Trapp Technology

Founded: 2007

Location: Wilshire Heights

What we do: Trapp Technology helps small and medium-sized businesses build a strong IT foundation by providing cloud hosting, IT security services, and VoIP hosting at flexible prices, ensuring the quality of their IT operations regardless of their budget. so that you can improve your ArmorPoint, a unique security platform, automates risk management and incident reporting and provides 24/7 protection, freeing up companies to focus their talent on growth and innovation.



Founded: 2010

Location: Encanto Village

What they do: As hackers continue to develop new ways to access valuable data, businesses must remain flexible and adapt to the changing security environment. Alagen is a consulting firm that specifically educates clients on the basics of cybersecurity and provides them with the tools they need to implement security best practices themselves. Services that Alagen provides to clients include consulting, vulnerability assessments, architecture updates, and software integration.



Founded: 2014

Location: Greater Phoenix Metro Area

What we do: Transmosis gives employees the tools they need to manage their company's cybersecurity operations, helping businesses reduce costs and achieve more tangible security outcomes. Serving leading companies such as Apple, Symantec, Cisco, and Google, Transmosis provides multimedia content and digital training designed to give employees more autonomy in protecting their assets.



Founded: 2009

Location: Carefree Highlands

What we do: Securosis provides flexible pricing consulting and technical support to businesses looking to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents. The company's goal is to help customers act more confidently when it comes to cybersecurity, and its extensive security resources and services cover acceleration, research, analytics, and more. The Securosis team also publishes and conducts research on new security technologies, emerging malware, and hacking threats to keep the cybersecurity community informed about the current security landscape.


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