5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation


5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation: Steel details are a critical part of structural design and require optimal accuracy. The accuracy and accuracy of steel details ensures the stability of steel structures in hazardous environments, increases the stability of the structure, and contributes to its improvement. 

Steel details are mainly used for prefabricated projects, lightweight metal frames for residential and commercial buildings, facade elements, aluminum curtain walls, bridge construction, power transmission towers, and other large structures. 

Detailed criteria vary from region to region and depend on the region's climate, geography, and topography. This process means creating a detailed drawing, planning and estimated materials. 

The two drawings include a store or a manufacturing diagram and an erection diagram. The use of advanced tools, such as Tekla or Tekla, improves the quality of the construction, forming smooth coordination between structure and steel. The tool helps to avoid manual errors and provides intellectual connections, reinforcements and components of the model.

How to Get Precise Steel Detailing Estimation

Evaluation of steel details includes quantitative analysis of other materials required for construction, such as rebar, bolts, connections, and trusses. Accurate and accurate estimates are essential to controlling costs and increasing profits. The impact of the assessment of steel details is not limited to cost and for profit, but applies to manufacturing, erection and analysis.

Therefore, the choice of correct software to assess is vital to obtain precise steel details, the manufacturing and the stages of the erection. Steel Detailed Estimating in Tekla Structures, the leading structural BIM software, allows you to perform accurate estimating and detailed estimating using a variety of Tekla models.

Let's see how to place basic rebar using custom rebar sets and components. You can select Structural Modeling as the configuration and create and name the reinforcement model.

 Add concrete parts such as walls, slabs, and columns to your model. Add foundation reinforcement such as rebar. The reinforced set can be used in a concrete band of TEKLA's concept and is composed of various tools that provide enhancement creation methods. You can also select a tool to create reinforcements, such as creating reinforcements on the face, placing plates, pillars, and walls.

The software allows you to change the quality, shape and type of rebar at any time before or after installation. Similarly, you can change the properties of the slab and adjust the concrete coating on the slab. Once the enrichment model is complete, the estimation process can begin.


Process for Accurately Estimating Steel Details

5 Easy Steps to Get an Accurate Steel Detailing Estimation

Here are 5 easy steps to get an accurate steel estimation with Tekla Structures:

1. Quantification of Steel Materials

There are two different means of carrying out quantification of steel components: organizer or report. Organizer synchronizes with model objects and groups them into different categories using parameters such as reinforcement, surfaces, parts, and layout points.

Physical and informational data for these objects is displayed in the object browser on the left. The information listed in the installation browser depend on the categories and objects selected, and the list of information for a particular category includes the type, shape, size, evaluation, length, weight, etc. You can combine identical elements and group them by using together using columns of columns for the organization. 

Rebar includes information about the rebar size, material, shape, deflection, and running totals displayed at the bottom. Synchronize rebars created in Organizer and models to get accurate quantities and weights of all rebars in your project.

We can take this information out of Tekla Structures and export it to excel. The export is the exact copy of the information displayed in The Organizer that can get saved or updated as needed.


2. Verify the Similar Members in the Project

This is another important step in the steel detailing and evaluation process, helping to narrow down the problem and help design steel connections. Each structural element is designed for load-bearing capacity and maneuverability within the structural frame. 

Inspection of similar elements can be useful to check properties against certain criteria and ensure accurate fabrication of elements before the actual construction process begins. Additionally, it also helps in preparing the procurement schedule and establishing a structural framework.


3. Analyze Project Complexity

Steel design projects are often less straightforward and require details and estimates for the base and support structures. Support structures can be developed in the form of a structural base for decorative facades that satisfy both strength and aesthetics. To obtain accurate steel estimates, all of these elements must be visualized, planned, and analyzed before project members are incorporated in detail into the overall structure.


4. Identify Different Steel Materials for your Project

The major steel and support elements of the structural design must be identified and documented as part of the operations or maintenance inventory. In addition to including details in the estimation process, documentation for individual steel elements should also be supported by step-by-step diagrams and process flows for understanding by the project team.


5. Understand the Scope of Work

Although the scope of the structural design is usually clear early in the detailing and estimating process, the estimate sheet should include additional scope for maintenance and modifications. These details of the additional steel members are pertaining to the miscellaneous members and secondary steel structures supporting the core project design.

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