Fire Inspections Vs Fire Tests: What’s the Difference?


Fire Inspections Vs Fire Tests: What’s the Difference?

Fire Inspections Vs Fire Tests: What’s the Difference? When we hear about fire extinguisher safety, his two terms come to mind: fire inspection and fire testing. These are two critical elements in the fire protection complex plan and, despite similar names, these are two different and necessary checks of the functionality of your system.

According to National Standards of the Fire Protection Association (NFPA), these controls and tests must be carried out by approved techniques. Here we explain the difference between a fire inspection and a fire inspection, and why you should include both as part of maintaining fire safety. Learn about Fire Safety and Prevention: Tips and Guidelines


What is a Fire Inspection?

A fire inspection is a periodic inspection of all fire extinguishers and fire protection systems to safeguard they are working properly. These are done weekly or monthly and typically ensure that all elements of the fire protection system are in place and ready for use, that the water and pneumatic systems are set up correctly, that there are no leaks, and that all elements are . This is a visual inspection to ensure suitability. 

Pipes, pressure gauges, and other critical parts of the system are clean and free of obstructions and damage. Want to learn more about what a visual inspection entail?

Contact us to explain the process, the most important steps, and how to ensure you have a plan to regularly and thoroughly inspect your system.

What are Fire Tests?

What are Fire Tests?

Fire tests are not performed as often as fire inspections, but they are another key element in prioritizing your safety. Fire tests are typically performed quarterly, semi-annually, and annually to ensure that all system components are functioning properly. This includes checking the entire system to ensure that alarms are sounding correctly and that all fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and other fire suppression systems are ready for operation. Fire testing is performed by certified fire protection professionals who must be certified to perform this type of testing on a regular basis.


Why Do You Need Both Fire Inspections and Fire Tests?

Fire inspections are a necessary part of ensuring the health of a fire protection system and often help identify areas that are damaged, weakened, or unprepared to respond. Testing alone is not enough.

Since the inspection is primarily visual, it is more thorough to be tested by a certified fire professional who can ensure that the system not only has all the proper parts but is in good working order. Fire extinguishers and fire protection systems do not have an expiration date, so regular testing, inspection, and maintenance is the best way to keep you and your workplace safe. Both of these processes must be documented every time to ensure the schedule is maintained.

Need a partner to help you create the right testing and inspection schedule? Contact us today. Fire protection is too important to accidentally leave. 

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